FiSTB Testing Assembly


Alan Richardson - Automating Tactically and Strategically

Do you automate tactically or strategically? Both approaches are useful and can help our test projects in different ways. Thinking about automating tactically allows us to move fast, target immediate needs, support testing and gain benefits very quickly - often with minimal cost and justification. Automating strategically allows us to gain the backing for longer periods of work and justify the cost and ongoing maintenance. If we believe we are automating strategically but we actually automate tactically then we may create problems for ourselves: we may not have the time for maintenance and refactoring, we may not use our 'automation' to support our 'manual testing'. Other dangers and problems exist, which we will learn about in this keynote when we will compare the two approaches, learn the dangers and the benefits, and learn how to combine tactical and strategic approaches to better our testing efforts.

Alan Richardson has more than twenty years of professional IT experience, working as a programmer and at every level of the testing hierarchy from tester through head of testing. Author of the books "Dear Evil Tester", "Selenium Simplified" and "Java For Testers". Alan also has created online training courses to help people learn Technical Web Testing and Selenium WebDriver with Java. He works as an independent consultant, helping companies improve their use of automation, agile, and exploratory technical testing. Alan posts his writing and training videos on,,, and


Esko Valtaoja

We talk about the future, but in reality only a very few really look into the future and even fever believe in it. Our thoughts are full of the past and the present, full of more or less accidental happenings and random news, and we are easily fooled into believing that these short term happenings are also signposts to the future. And yet the true, the real history and change are to be found quite elsewhere than in the sound and the fury of today - we just have to dig to find them buried under all the soon-to-be-forgotten catastrophes, crises and shocking news. In a few decades nobody remembers Trump or Putin, the war in Syria or Brexit; they have become a part of the forgotten history. The truly important news of the year, such as the advances in nanotechnology, artificial intelligence or gene technology, will be remembered.

Esko Valtaoja is a professor emeritus and author. Valtaoja has worked as at the University of Turku, 1975 - 2015, at the Department of Physics and Astronomy. He was working as a professor of space astronomy 1997 - 2015.

Esko has written several books. In 2002 his book, Kotona maailmankaikkeudessa (At Home in the Cosmos) won the Finlandia Prize for the best non-fiction work of the year. After this he became a popular guest speaker at TV shows, popular science seminars etc. Part of his popularity comes from his ability to present complex scientific theories and ideas in a manner that is both understandable and entertaining to the general audience.

Since then, Valtaoja wrote another book, Avoin tie (The Open Road, 2004), in which he explains his visions of the future - with the general audience in mind. Third book: Ihmeitä: kävelyretkiä kaikkeuteen (Wonders: Saunters to the Universe), was published October 2007.

In 2012 Esko wrote a book: Kaiken Käsikirja ("Manual of Everything"). Esko has said about this book: This is my attempt to summarize all the essential about the world and about the human beings, the substance and the spirit in one book. Esko Valtaoja is an incurable dissident and a positive futurist - and in Finland: He was chosen as the most significant Finnish scientist alive in 2013 and he was elected Speaker of The Year, 2014.


Sara Toivakainen - Fokus ohjelmiston laadusta asiakaskokemuksen laatuun

Sara is a service minded innovator with a strong know-how in customer experience management and development. Sara’s area of expertise focuses on identifying, measuring and managing customer value creation and benefit realization. She understands, how to create an overall development framework based on business and technology understanding, combined with an understanding of customer’s feelings and behavior as a solid foundation for driving an essential customer-driven change in organization. 

Sara is a Master of Science in Knowledge Management, she is curious, insightful and always willing to create new ways of working. She has worked in several customer experience development projects and helped different kind of companies to improve their business by re-thinking their customer experience management.

“My passion is to do true customer-centric business, optimize customer experience and achieve genuine customer loyalty, whoever the customer is.”



Anssi Lehtelä - 10x TESTER TOOLS FOR 1.01x FUTURE

Anssi is testing specialist, team work enthusiast, new born optimist. Worked in testing for +10 years on many kinds of stuff including mobile devices, web apps, reporting systems, ERPs, medical devices, and currently with a document exchange hub. Always up for discussions about software development. And always up for some testing.







Maiju Niinivirta - “Quality is everyone’s responsibility” 

Maiju is a firm believer of that quality is everyone’s responsibility and reflects the pride of workmanship.

She has been working in the field of QA since 2000. She started her IT career as a SW engineer but was soon promoted to the noble guild of QA & Testing professionals. After many QA-related specialist and managerial positions she is currently working as Head of Quality Management at Solteq.  

In her presentation Maiju will address the future and the role of testing from Solteq point of view. Be aware: She is passionate!




Jani "Tuna" Haikala on tottunut uimaan testauksen syvissä vesissä ilman pelastusliivejä. Joka kerta mies nostaa päänsä pintaan. Lopputuloksena on timanttiset bugiraportit ryyditettynä selkeääkin selkeämmällä testausraportilla. Oman osansa huomiosta saavat niin loppukäyttäjän mielenterveys kuin yrityksen rahavirratkin.

Jani palkittiin Vuoden Testaaja 2016 -tittelillä. Äänestäjät kommentoivat Jania monin mairittelevin sanoin, mm. seuraavasti.

Olen henkilökohtaisesti päässyt seuraamaan Janin toimia useammassakin projektissa ja mies on erittäin vastuuntuntoinen sekä osaava testauksen ammattilainen. Hän aidosti välittää lopputuloksesta, eikä istu käsiensä päällä tahi säästä sanojaan jos projektirekka on menemässä metsään. Tunan proaktiivinen ote testaukseen on ihailtavaa, ja se herättää suurta kunnioitusta tätä miestä kohtaan! Hänen timanttinen kosketuksensa asiakkaisiin ja nopea tilannetaju laittaa haukkomaan lisähappea. Mestaritestaaja, joka on ollut myös huippu opettaja ja ohjastaja uusille testaajille!



Marleen is a Lead Solution Consultant for HPE in the area of Application Development Management.

She's helping customers to get the most value out of their testing- and application delivery solutions and advices them on what suites their needs. She has around 5 years of practical experience in the ADM tool area of HPE.

Marleen holds a master degree in mathematics, has great communication skills, both oral and written and has an open and professional attitude with attention for sensitivities.

Analytical skills are used in the profession as a lead solution consultant. She's very interested in the transference of knowledge.



Ivan Ericsson is global head of service governance for SQS. He has run a number of large testing projects, across a number of verticals. Recently he spent 2 years in Sweden building a customer test center of excellence, 6 months running SQS Norway and 2 years in SQS USA.

He has been editor for the SQS annual thought leadership book and is often to be heard speaking at conferences. He is the SQS service owner for the Quality Competency Centre, and is currently working on a dramatic expansion to the SQS service portfolio. He is an ISTQB Practitioner level instructor.

He enjoys bringing sometimes complicated, abstract theories to life with anecdotes, metaphors and stories – and is very interested in the impact of digital transformation on the market place and how testing and QA can not only react to this, but lead the way.




Sari Ahola työskentelee Kelan Testausyksikössä kehittämispäällikkönä. Hänellä on Kelan tietojärjestelmien testaustyöstä 18 vuoden kokemus. Sari testaa, vetää ja koordinoi työtä testauksen projektipäällikkönä sekä toimii esimiestehtävissä.

Kelassa on pitkät tutkivan testauksen perinteet aina 1970-luvulta lähtien. Monimutkainen ja alati muuttuva lainsäädäntö asettavat lukuisia haasteita testauksen hallinnalle ja eritoten laadunhallinnalle ja sen varmistamiselle. Tuloksekas ja laadukas testaus on onnistunut tutkivan testauksen keinoin!

Sarin mottona ovat ’toiminta tilanteen mukaan’ ja ’verkostoituminen on voimaa’.







Eeva has been in the software business since 2009. During that time she has mostly been busy testing browser based solutions from user perspective.

For her, the magic that keeps up the love for testing, is about the variability of different skills and viewpoints that can help her test better. She blogs occasionally in Finnish at





Juhani Teeriniemi – Tekoälyavusteinen ohjelmistotestaus

Jatkuvan integraation toteuttaminen riippuu voimakkaasti laadukkaasta testaamisesta. Tehokkuuden ja luotettavuuden parantamiseksi, testien kohdentamisessa käytetään enenevässä määrin erilaisia staattisia koodin laadun mittareita, joiden tarkoituksena on ennakoida uusien moduulien virhealttiutta. Samaan aikaan erilaiset koneoppimisalgoritmit ovat kehittyneet yhä taitavammiksi muodostamaan malleja ja ennusteita monimutkaisen datan perusteella. Näiden oppivien analyysityökalujen yhdistäminen tavanomaisiin rutiinimittauksiin mahdollistaa entistä tehokkaamman ohjelmistotestaamisen ja ketterämmän kehityksen.

Juhani Teeriniemi on väitellyt tekniikan tohtoriksi Aalto-yliopistosta vuona 2016. Väitöstyössään hän on kehittänyt erilaisia koneoppimisalgoritmeja materiaalitekniikan ongelmien ratkaisemiseksi. Vuodesta 2017 lähtien hän on työskennellyt Knowit Oy:ssä automaatiokehittäjänä.