FiSTB Testing Assembly


Call for Speakers

Finnish Software Testing Board FiSTB organizes annual FiSTB Testing Assembly on Thursday 1.10.2020 at 9-17 in Hotel President, Helsinki. This 400 person testing event is aimed for certified testers, TestausOSY members and other people interested in testing and quality assurance. Everyone should mark the time in their calendars already now. The seminar registration will be opened later.

At this stage we open the call for speakers. We are looking for interesting speeches about e.g.

  • Test improvement; practical or theoretical speeches
  • Latest trends in software testing
  • Interesting case presentation about real-life projects, including failed ones :)
  • Or anything else testing related – please suggest!

Presentation can be in English or Finnish and the length is 30 min + 5 minutes for Q&A.

No sales pitches about your company or products, please!

The event has a small budget, so we cannot pay the speakers, but we can offer a great audience and visibility!

Send an application with the following information:

  • Presentation title
  • Key points of your presentation
  • Short abstract of your presentation
  • Presentation language English, Finnish or doesn’t matter?
  • Is this new presentation or have you presented it before, where?
  • Short description of yourself and picture of yourself

Your application should be sent to by April 30, 2020. The program committee will choose the speakers as soon as possible, but at latest May 20, 2020. The deadline for final presentations is August 31, 2020 for the review.


Applications or questions to be sent to:

Mr. Juha Pomppu
Conference Manager, Finnish Software Testing Board FiSTB
Phone +358 40 350 9995
Email: juha.pomppu (at)