FiSTB Testing Assembly


Dawn Haynes
Tutorial trainer: How to Break Software: 1-day Hands-on Workshop for Finding Hidden Software Bugs
Keynote speaker: Are You in the Boat? Managing Intra-Team Dysfunction

Dawn Haynes is the Principal Trainer and Quality Coach at PerfTestPlus, a US-based consultancy. As a highly regarded trainer of software testers, Dawn blends her 34 years of IT experience with a real-world view to provide testers of all levels with tools and techniques to help them generate new approaches to common and complex software testing problems.

Highlighted as a woman of influence in Software Test and Performance magazine in January 2010, Dawn was honored to share her philosophy of testing with 12 other top international woman in the field of testing. Dawn continues to share her passion for inspiring people to continuously improve product quality and testing practices by delivering training and speaking at conferences worldwide.

As a member of the IEEE, ACM, ASQ, former Secretary and Director of the Association for Software Testing, founding member of the International Institute of Software Testing, and ISTQB CTFL, CTFL-AT, CTAL Full, CMT certified, Dawn endeavors to keep pace with changes to the industry as it affects the world of software quality and testing.

Asta Raami
Keynote speaker: Dare to harness your intuition

The human mind is equipped for brilliance. It has in-built ingenious abilities to invent novelties, to solve impossibilities and to envision the future.

Benefitting from this potential is essential, as we are surrounded by tremendously difficult problems. In short, we need people who specialise in solving the impossible.

From the perspective of intuition, impossible does not exist. If we are unable to see the solution, there are only limited points of view.

The technological advancements that have sprung forth from human thought have been numerous and vast. However, utilising the potential of the human mind itself has been left behind, and we are not able to adapt to changes in our environments nor the new challenges we face.

The studies of the thoughts of Nobel laureates and inventors, of intuition and of the physical basis of cognitive processes have paved the road for harnessing the immense potential of the human mind.

Intelligent use of intuition creates a head start compared with analytical thinkers.

Intuition offers us access to the vast and untapped potential of the human mind. Some aspects of intuition are not commonly known or benefitted. For example, intuition can be used intentionally and the reliability of intuition can be evaluated. Through intuition we can reach new types of information and knowing.

The presentation will outline the methods which allow us to update our minds to the current day and harness intuition. Through this we are more alert to respond to the swiftly transforming environment.

Asta completed her PhD thesis on the use and development of intuition in the Aalto University in 2015, where she had worked beforehand for 15 years in teaching and research. After the dissertation, she has concentrated on making the potential of intuition known outside the scientific community.

In 2016, Asta published her first writings on the subject of utilising the hidden potential of the human mind in her book, Älykäs intuitio ja miten hyödynnämme sitä (2016, Schilds & Söderströms). In addition to this, she has worked as a co-writer in works concerning the new National level school curriculum Ajattelun taidot ja oppiminen (2016, PS-kustannus), as well as the future of education, Learning at The Edge (Sitra / Pallgrave MAcMillan 2018, forthcoming) with her article Toward Solving The Impossible Problems. Asta’s dissertation can be freely read online (Intuition Unleashed). Currently, she works as a start-up entrepreneur in the Innerversity-program (

Sari Alander (Route 66 to DevOps)

Sari Alander is working as Lead Consultant in Finland at Knowit (, where She works mostly with DevOps, Agile and Lean coaching in organizations and team levels. She also has role of DASA Ambassador in Nordics, in which role She influences, creates commitment and actively contributes to advocating the development of high performance teams through DevOps and Agile initiatives.

Her passion is to help the World with this ongoing and coming change. She understands very well that there is no single approach or solution to solve challenges in different organizations. She likes to quotes Charles Darwin, who has said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change, that lives within the means available and works cooperatively against common threats.”

Tommi Berg (Building DevOps while building Digital Services for a telco)

16 years of digital services development experience. Experience range from hands on development to defining software and tech strategies. Current key focuses areas include technology strategy, coaching other people and applying lean methodologies to develop new businesses.

Jani Haapala (Testiautomaatikon evoluutio, 4 hirviötä..."level up!")

Automation specialist, quality consultant, tester, developer, dad, husband. Passionate about building and providing continuous automated quality feedback loops.

Jani Haapala is Delivery Lead at Qentinel. He spends his time conjuring up ways to help customers achieve their goals and supporting Qentinel consultants as they deliver the best solutions to meet customers’ needs.

He is a dedicated DevOps advocate and evangelist who has been spreading the word in the software industry for well over a decade.

Whether its personal hobby or business case, home controlling or large software project, Jani thinks that automation can help everybody and increase value in anything.

Sami Kaltala (AI in QA in AI)

Sami Kaltala, Symbios Chief Solution Executive - Head of QA, who is passionate about comprehensive quality of products and digital services. He has almost twenty years of experience in field of QA, such as Test Management and QA Management. He's mission is to Revolutionizing Quality Assurance!

Kalle Kyllönen (Case M-Files:Testausprosessin määrittely ja jalkautus toimitusprojektiorganisaatiolle)
Vuoden testaaja 2017 / M-Files

Kalle has 10+ years of progressively increased software testing experience including test automation, test planning and management in software projects. Current focus area at M-Files is to develop and drive testing processes  for a project organization.

Maria Lillvik (Kommunikaation tärkeys ja ihmiset huomioon ihmisinä)

Olen Lilli, virallisemmin Maria Lillvik, Vuoden Testaaja 2015. Monissa eriasteisissa liemissä keitetty testausasiantuntija ja testipäällikkö.Ymmärrän asiakkaan tarpeet ja osaan ottaa ne sujuvasti huomioon päivittäisessä laadunvarmistyössä. Yksi tärkeimmistä asioista on pysyä mukana tuotekehityksen muuttuvassa maailmassa ja positiivisella asenteella autan tiimejä työskentelemään paremmin sekä menestymään yhdessä.

Maiju Niinivirta (Mistä on laatua edistävä kulttuuri tehty?)

Maiju has been working in the field of QA since 2000 and acts currently as the Head of Quality Management at Solteq. She is a firm believer of quality as everyone’s responsibility and pride of the workmanship.

In her presentation this quality pro will address the corner stoners of culture that promotes quality. Essential part of this is to identify what kind of behavior and actions either promote or prevent good quality work. 

Maiju feels and breaths passionately all quality related things, but really gets her kicks out of gardening and digging her hands and shovel into soil.

Veikko Nokkala (From bringer of bad news to an appreciated team member – the testers life)

DevOps Ambassador, Coach, Trainer & Consultant at Digia Oyj and at DevOps Agile Skills Association

Veikko Nokkala thrives on improving ways of working and implement DevOps culture and operational model. He has a wide range of experience in different areas of business and IT working as an entrepreneur, project manager, coach, consultant, and trainer. Currently counting 16 different IT certifications, he has proven his knowledge in various areas related to the entire IT services lifecycle. This vast knowledge gives him a holistic view on DevOps and he feels strongly about DASA DevOps competence model and qualification program and its possibilities to help organizations improve their ways of working. The end goal for him is to help organizations deliver high quality and valuable IT services efficiently with entire IT lifecycle in mind. In addition to working as a DASA Ambassador in Nordics, he works at Digia where he is helping Digia and Digia’s customers to excel in delivering IT services.


Jorma Peisalo (Testing in DevOps - how to assess teams and give guidance)

Jorma has 20+ year experience with transformation projects within large scale RnD teams with a special focus on Testing, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. He has co-created the Continuous Deployment SW Delivery Release Model as well as defined and implemented multiple improvement project worldwide. During this work He regularly gave talks in house in front of a larger audience. Lately he has been working with DevOps and Scaled Agile Framework deployment, being certified SAFe SPC and DevOps DASA Foundation.

Emilio Soresi (Collaboration and communication: two cornerstones of successful DevOps)
Posti Oy

Emilio is currently working as a QA Manager at Posti Oy, a leader in postal, logistics and e-commerce services.
In particular, the Posti Messaging business unit focuses on invoice and document sending and receiving, with a strong emphasis on digitalization.
As a QA Manager, Emilio is responsible for defining the test strategy, planning and coordinating the test effort, reporting on test progress, improving the test process, especially by exploring test automation possibilities. He also participates in requirements analysis and he coordinates user and customer acceptance testing.
Among his current activities, exploring new possibilities by implementing a CI/CD pipeline within a digital data transfer project, and coordinating the localization of mobile and web postal applications. 
Emilio has been in the software testing and quality assurance business for more than 10 years in different roles such as localization tester, localization manager, QA lead, data analyst, test specialist, functional tester, change coordinator, test manager. He has been involved in sequential and iterative software development processes, and his areas of expertise are among others functional testing, localization testing, requirements management.


Szilard Szell (Testing in DevOps - how to assess teams and give guidance)

Szilard has 10 years presentation experience from multiple conferences mainly in Europe (HUSTEF, UCAAT, Nordic Testing Days, Belgian Test Summit, Danish Software Testing Day, IMWorld), but also gave a talk in Lima on WCSQ 2017. He is also Programme Committee member of multiple conferences, and was PC Chair for HUSTEF and UCAAT. In his daily work He is a teacher and coach on testing, facilitating workshops and assessments. Szilard is a member of the ISTQB Family, being the president of the Hungarian Testing Board. Lately he has been working with DevOps and Scaled Agile Framework deployment, being certified SAFe SPC and DevOps DASA Foundation.

Pekka Vainiomäki (AI in QA in AI)

Pekka Vainiomäki, Symbios Vice President,  Strategic Engagements & Global Collaboration, is responsible for Strategic Engagements and Global Collaboration at Symbio, a global software engineering and R&D services company. Amongst other things Pekka has a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. He’s got close to 20 years of experience in business development, IT solutions and applied mathematics, and holds a M.Sc. degree in mathematics from University of Turku.