FiSTB Testing Assembly


Keynote 9.20: Test Process Improvement – Why and How?

Simon Frankish
Process Improvement Practice Manager & TMMi Lead Assessor, Experimentus

Simon Frankish has been working in software testing for over thirty years and has worked in most test roles in that time.  For the last fifteen years he has specialised in test process improvement, both as a consultant and in senior in-house roles.

He now works for Experimentus (the world's leading TMMi service providers) in the UK, heading up their test process improvement division.

He has a seat on the UK and Ireland Testing Board with responsibility for promoting the Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) through his leadership of the TMMi UK Local Chapter.

Simon is an accredited TMMi Lead Assessor and has travelled worldwide helping clients to achieve their test process improvement goals.

Auditorium 10.40: 5 tips for Solo Tester - How to improve your testing in a fast phased development

Pekka Pönkänen
QA Engineer at Dream Broker

Pekka Pönkänen is a Quality Assurance Engineer with a passion for software testing and
automation! Besides software testing, Pekka’s interests lie in the area of accessibility and
security. In his free time, Pekka is co-hosting a local code club in Helsinki, bringing people from a diverse background together in the form of IT and basketball.

Kaarlo 10.40: CASE: Tuotekehitys testaajaystävälliseksi

Veikko Lohi
Test Manager at Tietoevry

Experienced Tester and Test Manager with a passion for streamlining the overall process so everyone can focus on their core task and minimize any extra clicks.


Auditorium  11.20: CASE: Oura Ring: How we utilize big data in end-to-end testing

Laura Ojala
Senior Test Automation Developer at Oura Healthcare

Laura has over 15 years of experience in various agile testing roles from Quality Manager in
Medical Device start-up to Test Manager in the Financial sector. She feels she is most alive
when she codes, and she has been shifting her career towards that. In February 2020, she
started as a Senior Test Automation Developer at Oura Healthcare, a world-class
manufacturer of smart rings that measure recovery and quality of sleep. Laura enjoys
creativity and challenges and is always ready to support others in their learning. Connect her
on Twitter:

Kaarlo 11.20: How concepts of feminism make me a better tester

Eeva Pursula
Software Quality Assurance Specialist at Finbiosoft

Eeva has been in the software business since 2009. During that time she has mostly been busy
testing browser based solutions from user perspective. For her, the magic that keeps up the love for testing, is about the variability of different skills and viewpoints that can help her test better. She blogs occasionally in Finnish at

Auditorium 13.00: TBA

Maiju Niinivirta
Head of Quality, Digital Services at KONE


Kaarlo 13.00: Growing a test automation framework

Jan Sabak


Auditorium 13.40: Miksi testaaja on tärkeä osa kehitettävien tuotteiden tietoturvassa?

Jani Salmikivi
Head of information security auditing at OP-Services Ltd

I am SW security professional with 20 years of IT related competence.

I've gained my experience growing in the shadow of a companies like Nokia, Ericsson and Microcell/Flextronics.

I am known DevOps enthusiastic, focus on pipeline security.

My OP career is almost 8 years old and counting.

Kaarlo 13.40: CASE: Test automation practices at Customer X and lessons learnt

Slaven Babic
Test Automation Specialist at Q-Factory

Coming from Bosnia-Herzegovina after graduation 1994 in Sarajevo University of Electrical Engineering at Electronics and Automation department.

Several years of technical support experience for various software projects in Croatia

Several years in computer networking planning/building/configuring

Moved to Finland in 1999 and worked for Nokia 1999-2016 almost all the years as System Verification engineer in various Packet Core network evolutions

Joined Q-factory 2016 as Test Automation Expert and participating in various customer projects

Auditorium 14.50: Testauksen siirtäminen vasemmalle - parempaa laatua ohjelmistokehitykseen alusta asti.

Tanja Jauhiainen
Test manager at Qentinel

Tanja has been working with software testing over 20 years. Although she has been working in various roles in Quality, Fault and Test Management, she always seeks opportunities to work also as a tester.  The continuous investigation and learning about the products and working together with the clients keeps her exited about the software testing year after year.

Kaarlo 14.50: Delivering secure applications more quickly with security testing automation

Ilkka Hyvönen

Keynote 15.30: Focus on the Next Corner

Annastiina Hintsa
CEO of Hintsa Performance, Entrepreneur

  • M.Sc. in Economics from Aalto University School of Economics
  • Background in management consulting and banking
  • Entrepreneur, mentor and keynote speaker

During her career, Annastiina has closely observed – and personally experienced – the challenge of sustainable performance in a, high pressure, fast paced global context.

After working in top management consulting and experiencing burnout, she was faced with profound questions of balance and meaning. She found answers in a transformation that involved running 250km (155 mile) ultra-races in deserts, and later joined Hintsa Performance as an entrepreneur, helping people unlock a life of meaning and sustainable high performance.

She has worked with a clientele ranging from Formula 1 drivers to female entrepreneurs in rural Guatemala, top CEOs, and leading politicians. She speaks and facilitates workshops around the world, including hosting the Hintsa Performance session in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos 2018.

She is particularly interested in what it will take for companies and individuals to thrive at work, the role of women and millennials in shaping the future of work, and the business case for wellbeing.