Let’s build a Continuous Quality Assurance Strategy around your CI/CD pipeline

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Tutorial date and time

Wednesday 24.11.2021, 9.30 – 16.30 (with 1 hour lunch break).


Building a Test Strategy in DevOps is not only about Test Automation, but how built-in-quality can be achieved in all steps of the SW development, within and outside of your CI/CD pipeline.

What is the goal of your testing? What quality aspects are more and what are less important for your domain? What are the major risks? What testing steps should be included in a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline, and where to focus with Exploratory Testing? How to utilize the new QA opportunities available by applying DevOps practices? Don’t just string together existing manual processes! – in this tutorial, we will use simple, collaborative tools to design something better!


The interactive workshop will help teams to learn how QA is extended to the left and to the right in DevOps, how to design QA pipeline with simple cards and what other testing related activities to be agreed on, to have a full test strategy.

In this remote compliant, hands-on workshop for teams of 5-6 people, we will use MIRO as an interactive canvas, several digitized card games, as well as Sticky notes to identify parts of a Test Strategy and to design a CI/CD pipeline into its core. (however we do not use actual CI/CD tools as the technical implementation of the pipeline is not the scope here).
In case the workshop is delivered in real, we use Card Games as well as Sticky notes.

The format is a series of lectures and discussions to share the needed theory, and exercises to practice what we have learnt. Throughout the exercises, teams will build a full Test Strategy for preselected scenarios and contexts in breakout sessions, followed by presentations and discussions.


After the Tutorial the participants shall be able to:

  • understand Testing in DevOps
  • understand the concepts of CI and CD
  • discuss the different product quality aspects of their given business scenario, and their importance
  • to design a continuous delivery pipeline (using cards), in line with the business expectations
  • to understand what else is needed to build a Test Strategy, like Testing Techniques to be used, Technology that helps to achieve our goals, as well as skills needed in the testing team.


1. FiSTB partners and members / TIVIA Network card: 300€ + VAT 24% = 372€
2. ISEB/ISTQB® certified participants: 300€ + VAT 24% = 372€
3. TestausOSY members: 400€ + VAT 24% = 496€
4. Others: 600€ + VAT 24% = 744€

Trainer: Szilard Szell, Eficode

Szilard is a Senior Consultant of DevOps Practice for Telco Business at Eficode. Eficode is the market leading DevOps brand and trusted automation partner across a number of industries in the Nordics, German speaking market and Benelux region. He is passionate about Telco Cloud transformation and helping CSP’s capture the full value of 5G through DevOps. His team is working closely with major Mobile Network Operators providing management consulting on Enterprise Agility, DevOps assessments as well as a variety of coaching and training solutions.

Szilard has proven track record in large scale Telco DevOps Transformation Programs, as well as an assessor, trainer, facilitator and coach in Test Automation and Testing Process improvement area. As a SAFe 5.0 SPC He is running successful training and coaching sessions.

As a conference speaker Szilard is ready to share his view and knowledge with Testing Fellows, that is based on 20 years of industry experience and multitude of certificates held.

To give back to the Testing Community, Szilard is active in ISTQB as the Working Group Chair of Processes Management and Compliance of ISTQB, and the former President of the Hungarian Testing Board. He is also an active member of HUSTEF, UCAAT and TheDevOps Conferences Programme Committee, and in 2021 He is invited to the PC of EuroSTAR.