Python for Robot Framework Users

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Tutorial date and time

Monday 22.11.2021, 9.00 – 16.00 (with 1 hour lunch break).


After the course, you know Python programming language so well, that you can work independently and learn new skills in addition to those learned at the course. You will learn basic structures and features of Python programs. You can install Python environment and you can read, write, and modify Python programs and libraries.

For Whom?

Python Basics for Robot Framework Users is suitable for all who want to apply Python skills in their work independently as fast as possible. Particularly, the course prepares for read, modify and supplement Python libraries, used by Robot Framework. The course is intended for test automation developers, testers, program designers and developers. It can also be suitable for project managers, quality managers and software development managers. The course is directly applicable for any Python related work.


Previous knowledge from some other programming language (particularly, object oriented ones) will help doing the course. However, basics of Python language are can be learned fast and exercises can be tuned to meet starting level of participants.


Python is one of the most popular programming languages. It has vast collection of useful libraries covering almost every aspects of business. Furthermore, Python is used as scripting language in many programs that are primarily done by some other language. With Python, you get these software libraries and you can expand features of ready-made software as needed.


Course is held in Finnish or English and has lots of exercises that are done by participant’s own computer. Trainer will be an experienced Python expert from Knowit.

Course contents:

  • Introduction to Python
  • Installation of Python environment
  • Variables and data structures
  • Most common control structures
  • Functions
  • Introduction to object-oriented programming
  • Useful Python libraries
  • Tips for independent studies


1. FiSTB partners and members / TIVIA Network card: 300€ + VAT 24% = 372€
2. ISEB/ISTQB® certified participants: 300€ + VAT 24% = 372€
3. TestausOSY members: 400€ + VAT 24% = 496€
4. Others: 600€ + VAT 24% = 744€

Trainer: Harri Kinnunen, Knowit

Harri is an experienced project manager, mentor, tester and software architect with strong programming skills. He can be considered as a decathlon contestans in software business. Harri has experience in leading challenging projects in branches like banking, insurance and health and he enjoys working as a technical expert in same projects.