Since 2012 we’ve gathered testers, test managers and other quality assurance professionals to connect, learn and grow. Testing Assembly is Finland’s largest gathering of QA professionals and is a welcoming space for first time attendees and experienced conference goers alike.


For QA professionals, the best networking opportunities typically occur at seminars, conferences and trade shows designed to attract a large crowd of testing-minded people.

At Testing Assembly, you’ll connect with peers who have faced similar testing obstacles. You’ll hear new thoughts, you can validate your ideas & change your perspectives with people who tackle the same problems. Challenge. Meet over coffee. Enjoy our friendly atmosphere!

Customer feedback 2022

“Good work by the organizers. Presentations were nice with varied methods. Speakers from different backgrounds. In my opinion this was the best. Thanks to the organizer.”

“Good stuff, keep it going! Much appreciated.”

“I really loved it again! Brilliant, spot on event. Maybe get some more people from abroad? :-)”

“It was nice to see so many friendly faces. Thank you! Hope we have more data driven presentations next time. And we get those TA event presentations afterwards.”

“Great after party”