Wednesday 15.11.2023
Tutorial 1: Hands-on experience with neural networks

Thursday 16.11.2023 Seminar
9.15 Auditorium KEYNOTE: AI-based testing
Klaudia Dussa-Zieger, ISTQB®

The presentation title for the keynote is “Testing with AI – How can AI support us?”. The keynote gives a brief introduction into Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the focus on Machine Learning. Looking at typical test activities it is discussed where and how AI can support the test. Three examples of AI-support from real projects are presented. We will show available AI-based test tools and cover ChatGPT in this context.

Dr. Klaudia Dussa-Zieger is Principal Consultant at Method Park Consulting GmbH and has been involved in software testing and software quality for almost 20 years. She is convinced that “given the increasing complexity of today’s software systems, their development is not possible without testing”. In her specialist field, the continuous improvement of the test process as well as ensuring professional training and further qualification are of particular importance for her.

For more than 15 years she has been trainer for the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation and Advanced Level which allows her to pass on her long-standing experience. She herself holds the ISTQB® Certified Tester Full Advanced Level certification. Process and test improvements result from the assessments which she carries out as iNTACSTM Competent Assessor (ISO/IEC 15504) for Automotive SPICE. Her book „Software Engineering nach Automotive SPICE“ (German) is listed in one of the top positions in the Amazon bestseller ranking for the relevant book category.
10.40 Auditorium
Climate impact of software testing
Kari Kakkonen, Knowit

Mr. Kari Kakkonen is the 2021 EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award winner and Tester of the Year in Finland Award 2021 winner. He is the author and CEO of Dragons Out Oy, creating a fantasy book to teach software testing to children. Kari Kakkonen is working in Finland at Knowit. He has M.Sc. in from Aalto University ( He works mostly with agile testing, lean, test automation, DevOps and AI.
Kari has 25 years of testing experience, 15 years of agile experience, 10 years of DevOps experience and 5 years of AI experience. He's been working in ICT consulting, training, finance, insurance, pension insurance, public sector, embedded software, telecom, gaming, and industry domains.
Kari was on Executive of ISTQB ( 2015-2021. He is on Board of Directors of TMMi. He is Treasurer of FiSTB (
Kari is a singer, snowboarder, kayaker, husband and dad.
10.40 Carl Gustaf
A Cost or A Value-adding Service --- What is your testing story
Chunyan Pei, OpenText

Chunyan(Maya) Pei is Lead quality assurance engineer at OpenText

Over 14 years of testing experience in Chinese/Finnish/Canadian companies, covering manual testing, testing management, testing automation, DevOps, and quality assurance.

Current tech stack: Python, Robot Framework, Docker, Kubernetes, HELM, Jenkins/Gitlab pipelines, Gatling, Influxdb, Grafana, and etc.

Interested in business and writing.
11.20 Auditorium
From Quality Assurance to Quality Assistance
Mikko Vaha & Untamo Hirvonen, Wolt

Mikko Vaha is a seasoned QA team lead and one of the founders of the Quality Assistive approach in Wolt Product+ (Engineering). With over 20 years of experience in software development and quality, Mikko has worked across various domains, including consultancy and product development for medical devices. Throughout his career, he has acquired a diverse range of skills and knowledge, which he enthusiastically shares and discusses with others. Currently, his primary focus is on finding innovative ways to ensure the delivery of high-quality software in a hypergrowth state company, without dedicated testers.” (Created with ChatGPT)

Untamo Hirvonen is QA Competence lead and Group QA for Wolt Market.
"Untamo Hirvonen is a highly skilled QA Competence Lead and Group QA at Wolt Market. In his role, Untamo takes charge of supporting and coaching colleagues while driving quality initiatives and fostering knowledge sharing across the Wolt Product+ organization. With a solid background spanning over 10 years in various QA positions, Untamo has honed his expertise in test automation and played a pivotal role in propelling organizational growth. Recognized for his hands-on approach and exceptional ability to grasp the bigger picture, Untamo excels at building rationale and prioritizing activities.” (Created with ChatGPT)

11.20 Carl Gustaf
Testing at the heart of a storm - how testers can help organizations in their change journey
Nina Perta, VALA Group

Nina has a business background and education and after moving into the IT sector she has worked in various roles from software trainer, tester, test manager, test lead to team lead. Once she started as a tester after getting the assignment "we have issues with quality, can you do something" from the development manager there was no turning back. She fell into the rabbit hole of software testing and quality. She is passionate about knowledge sharing, physical and mental wellbeing and fountain pens. Nina is one of the organizers of the Finnish Testing Meetup group and works as consultant at Vala Group Oy.
13.00 Auditorium
Rethinking Pyramids
Niko Nousiainen, Hidden Trail

Niko Nousiainen is an Agile Tester, Test Automation Expert, and Co-Founder of Hidden Trail, a quality assurance consulting company. With over a decade of experience, Niko is a Quality Thinking advocate and helps teams build quality into Agile projects.

Niko is a DevOps and Agile development aficionado, with experience of having coached and guided Agile teams to deliver high-quality software faster and more efficiently. In addition, Niko has also done lots of test automation using multiple different frameworks, which has allowed the teams to deliver high-quality software faster and more efficiently.
13.00 Carl Gustaf
Laadun johtaminen ketterässä kehityksessä
Jutta Hakola, Gofore

Jutta Hakola is a testing and quality assurance professional with twenty years of experience in the field and today she works as a Service Owner for Testing and Test Management in Gofore. She has always enjoyed working both with people and systems and likes to understand how these two interconnects, especially in the agile world. Jutta is also a certified business coach, and she likes to see the quality vision or other goals in the future and mirror it back to the current state and so facilitate people and teams to achieve their own goals in their own ways.
13.40 Auditorium
Full Chain Quality
Maiju Niinivirta, Kone

I’m a firm believer that quality is everyone’s responsibility & quality is pride of workmanship. My job is to help people to implement aspects of quality in their daily work and facilitate continuous improvement & learning to boost customer & employee satisfaction. I do my best to drive proactive quality culture and mindset through the whole SDLC for quality improvement.
13.40 Carl Gustaf
Yksi kaikkien puolesta - Ohjelmistorobotiikkaa Testiautomaation työkaluilla
Minna Mari Leivo, Sogeti

Minna Mari is a former QA specialist, who turned to intelligent automation and RPA in 2019. After working 4 years as a consultant, she has seen many journeys, challenges, and successes. She also works as a trainer and speaker and is always eager to spread the joyous message of automation around.
14.50 Carl Gustaf
Flight of Icarus - A Story of Success, and the Price for It
Sami Söderblom, SOK

Sami is one of Finland's leading experts in context-driven quality practices, and national Tester of the Year 2022. He has twenty years of history from a variety of testing and quality leadership positions in nearly twenty different business domains. Currently he works as a Papa Bear of QA at SOK and as a consultant via his company Happy Monkey. Sami is a regular speaker in domestic and international events.

The same white-hot passion Sami feels towards his wife Malin, daughter Vilja and son Max. Whatever time is left from work and family life he spends throwing a round of disc golf, enjoying a nice glass of whisky, making music and being afraid of what might attract his passion next.
14.50 Auditorium
Autonomous Visual Regression Testing: supercharging testing efficiency & speed
Marcel Veselka, Tesena

Marcel has spent his whole career in software testing. Initially, he worked as a Test Analyst before moving into Test Management in complex transformation projects and core banking implementations, focusing primarily on integration and performance testing. He is also co-founder of the testing community called [pro]Test!. In 2013 he founded the company Tesena where is works as a Principal SW Testing Consultant and together with more than 120 colleagues from Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Brno is helping customers across Europe to win in their business by improving software quality of their products. Recently we found; a new startup to make autonomous testing work. His special interest is modern testing approaches (including all the trendy topics like test automation, DevOps, testing in SCRUM, AI, ML, and autonomous testing).
15.50 Auditorium KEYNOTE
Three keys to the future: anticipating, innovating and communicating
Elina Hiltunen, What's Next Consulting


Elina Hiltunen is a futurist, D.Sc. (Business administration) from Aalto University, School of Business and M.Sc. (chemical engineering) from Helsinki University of Technology (currently Aalto University, School of Chemical Engineering). Forbes has listed her as one of the 50 leading female futurists in the world. She is an experienced key-note speaker that has delivered hundreds of lectures about various topics of the future in Finland and abroad. Currently she is also studing at National Defence University, Finland and making her second PhD thesis on the topic of how to use science fiction in foresight process of defence organization.

Elina has experience in working as a futurist at Nokia, Finland Futures Research Centre and Finpro (Finnish trade promotion association). She has also worked as Executive in Residence at Aalto University, ARTS. She has had a company of her own, What's Next Consulting Oy since 2007. As an entrepreneur she has been working for multiple organizations as a consultant, who aims to make organization more prepared for the futures. Elina also owns a publishing company Saageli that was founded March, 2021. Saageli is focusing on publising Elina Hiltunen's books.