Simon Frankish, Experimentus

Simon has been working in software testing for over thirty years and has worked in most test roles in that time. For the last fifteen years he has specialised in test process improvement, both as a consultant and in senior in-house roles. He now works for Experimentus (the world’s leading TMMi service providers) in the UK, heading up their test process improvement division and has a seat on the UK and Ireland Testing Board with responsibility for promoting the Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) through his leadership of the TMMi UK Local Chapter. Simon is an accredited TMMi Lead Assessor and has travelled worldwide helping clients to achieve their test process improvement goals.

Auditorium 9.20
Keynote: Test Improvement
Laura Ojala, Oura
Laura Ojala has over 15 years of experience in various agile testing roles from Quality Manager in Medical Device start-up to Test Manager in the Financial sector. Since early 2020 they’ve been a Senior Test Automation Developer at Oura Health, the company behind the Oura ring. Laura enjoys creative challenges and supporting others on their journey. Connect with Laura on Twitter ( or LinkedIn (

Auditorium 10.40
CASE Oura: Detecting Problems Earlier with Scalable End-to-End IoT Testing

How has Oura organized their typical end-to-end system-level testing? How does Oura stay ahead of business growth and the growing complexity of the system? In this talk, Senior Test Automation Developer Laura Ojala explains how you can avoid the common hurdles of system-testing a complex mixture of data, hardware and software.
Veikko Lohi, TietoEVRY

Experienced Tester and Test Manager with a passion for streamlining the overall process so everyone can focus on their core task and minimize any extra clicks.

Kaarlo 10.40
CASE Jydacom: Tuotekehitys testaajaystävälliseksi

1. Toistuvista projekteista jatkuvaan prosessiin
2. Turhat oheishommat pois – aikaa itse testaukselle
3. Prosessin selkeys ja siitä kumuloituva laatu vähentävät jännitystä ja stressiä
Pekka Pönkänen, Wolt

Pekka Pönkänen is a Quality Assurance Engineer with a passion for software testing and security! Besides software testing, Pekka’s interests lie in the area of accessibility and mobiles. Currently, Pekka is working for Wolt, a booming Helsinki-based technology company, and on the side, he is studying a master’s in cyber-security. After a long day at work, you can most likely find Pekka throwing basketball with his friends on an outside field if the weather allows.

Auditorium 11.20
5 tips for Solo Tester - How to improve your testing in a fast phased development

Testing solo in a software project and you are feeling overwhelmed? Are you trying to catch all the issues and multitasking to get things done? This presentation gives a quick overview and practical tips on improving your work while doing solo testing.

In 2018 I walked the length of Japan, and before starting the journey, it needed some solid planning, as you need in the testing. Planning and finding suitable working methods are crucial factors while starting testing activities or kicking off a project from scratch. Join me to discuss and discover ways to improve your solo testing - I’ll provide a 5-step list that will simplify your processes!
Eeva Pursula, Finbiosoft

Eeva has been in the software business since 2009. During that time she has mostly been busy testing browser based solutions from user perspective. For her, the magic that keeps up the love for testing, is about the variability of different skills and viewpoints that can help her test better. She blogs occasionally in Finnish at

Kaarlo 11.20
How concepts of feminism make me a better tester

A testers mindset has a lot in common with a feminist mindset. Both require critical thinking, identifying harmful assumptions and questioning conventions. Feminist concepts also offer tools for identifying problems in the work environment and fixing them to make our teams work better. And when we struggle with the testers role, a feminist view may help us in finding our way.

Annastiina Norppa and Emmi Ovaska, Nortal

Annastiina Norppa is a Testing Team Lead at Nortal. She has been working with Tax Finland's projects since 2017. Still few years before that, software testing was an unknown domain for her but, after diving deep into it she has found a whole new fascinating world and ways of bridging the gap between business and technology. Double M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration.
Connect with Annastiina on LinkedIn

Emmi Ovaska is a Training Lead at Nortal. She joined the Valmis program in 2018 and has been working in Tax Finland’s projects since then. To Emmi, it's important to be part of an organization that makes sure the processes of the welfare society are constantly improved. Emmi has several years of experience in technical training, leading software testing and improving testing processes. M.Soc.Sc. in Sociology by education. Connect with Emmi on LinkedIn

Auditorium 13.00
CASE Tax Finland: Seamless testing in the best project in Finland

Tax Finland's Valmis program won the award for the Best Project in Finland in 2020. Starting from 2013, 75 legacy systems were successfully replaced by a single commercial off-the-shelf software. As part of the project, Omavero (MyTax) was created for all Finnish citizens and businesses to manage their taxes. What is it like to organize testing in a project with 70 000 test cases and 200 testers annually? Join us to find out about the testing practices and key take-aways from the tax system modernization program.

Maiju Niinivirta, KONE

Maiju is a firm believer of that quality is everyone’s responsibility & quality is pride of workmanship. Her job is to help people to implement aspects of quality in their daily work and facilitate continuous improvement & learning to boost customer & employee satisfaction. She drives proactive quality culture and mindset through the whole SDLC for quality improvement. During the past 20 years Maiju has seen the importance of good leaders when building a culture of quality. You can find more info about Maiju’s background and history from LinkedIn

Kaarlo 13.00
Role of a leader when creating culture of quality

Szilard Szell, Eficode

Szilard is a Senior Consultant of DevOps Practice for Telco Business at Eficode. Eficode is the market leading DevOps brand and trusted automation partner across a number of industries in the Nordics, German speaking market and Benelux region. He is passionate about Telco Cloud transformation and helping CSP's capture the full value of 5G through DevOps. His team is working closely with major Mobile Network Operators providing management consulting on Enterprise Agility, DevOps assessments as well as a variety of coaching and training solutions.

Szilard has proven track record in large scale Telco DevOps Transformation Programs, as well as an assessor, trainer, facilitator and coach in Test Automation and Testing Process improvement area. As a SAFe 5.0 SPC He is running successful training and coaching sessions.

As a conference speaker Szilard is ready to share his view and knowledge with Testing Fellows, that is based on 20 years of industry experience and multitude of certificates held.
To give back to the Testing Community, Szilard is active in ISTQB as the Working Group Chair of Processes Management and Compliance of ISTQB, and the former President of the Hungarian Testing Board. He is also an active member of HUSTEF, UCAAT and TheDevOps Conferences Programme Committee, and in 2021 He is invited to the PC of EuroSTAR.

Tutorial 4: Let’s build a Continuous Quality Assurance Strategy around your CI/CD pipeline

Auditorium 13.40
How testing is evolving in DevOps

Can we be the same testers in a DevOps organization, as in the past? Is that enough if we know test automation, exploratory testing and many aspects of Shift Left, or are there any new aspects, concepts and techniques that a tester shall be aware of? In my presentation I would like to share my 20 years journey in testing, process improvement, service design and DevOps, focusing on how testing, quality assurance has evolved, and what are the areas a good test professional shall be aware of.

Jani Salmikivi, OP

I am SW security professional with 20 years of IT related competence.

I've gained my experience growing in the shadow of a companies like Nokia, Ericsson and Microcell/Flextronics.

I am known DevOps enthusiastic, focus on pipeline security.

My OP career is almost 8 years old and counting.

Kaarlo 13.40
Testaajan rooli tietoturvassa

Tämän päivän iso trendi kehittämisessä on DevOps-praktiikat. Tämä tuo jatkuvaa osaamisen kasvattamisen tarvetta kehittävien tiimien harteille. DevOps pohjaa vahvasti shift left-mentaliteettiin jossa viedään iso osa tekemistä ja osaamisen tarpeesta kehittävien tiimien vastuille, joista tietoturva on yksi iso kokonaisuus. Kuka siis vastaa tulevaisuudessa tietoturvasta? Työ jää kehittävien tiimien tehtäväksi joista yhtenä isona tekijänä ovat testaajat. Koska tuotteiden vienti tuotantoon kiihtyy vanhasta kerran puolessa vuodessa viennistä aina jopa useaan kertaan päivässä vientiin, tulee siis kaikki aina tietoturvasta lähtien varmistaa devaajien ja testaajien toimesta.

Tietoturvatestaaminen tulee olemaan yksi vaativa osa testaajan tulevaisuuden roolia. Miten testaajat tulevat pärjäämään uusien tarvittavien kyvykkyyksien kanssa?

Tanja Jauhiainen, Gofore

Tanja has been working with software testing over 20 years. Although she has been working in various roles in Quality, Fault and Test Management, she always seeks opportunities to work also as a tester. The continuous investigation and learning about the products and working together with the clients keeps her exited about the software testing year after year.

Auditorium 14.50
Testauksen siirtäminen vasemmalle - parempaa laatua ohjelmistokehitykseen alusta asti.

Testausvaihe on laajalti tunnistettu pullonkaulaksi ohjelmistokehityksessä ja ohjelmistojen julkaisuprosesseissa. Kun testausta siirretään vasemmalle, se parantaa ohjelmistokehityksen laatua, nopeutta ja tuottavuutta. Toisaalta taas, kun testausta siirretään oikealle, se parantaa liiketoimintaprosessien varmuutta ja suorituskykyä erilaisissa tietojärjestelmissä. Testauksessa kaikki lähtee kuitenkin liikkeelle informaatiosta. Joko tunnistetusta jo olemassa olevasta informaatiosta tai sen tiedostamisesta, että jotain tietoa tarvitaan testauksen kehittämiseksi. Miten tunnistaa olennainen informaatio, tulkita sitä oikein ja hyödyntää sitä testauksessa ja ohjelmistokehityksessä parhaalla mahdollisella tavalla?

Joonas Vauhkonen and Jaakko Lehtinen, Sogeti

Joonas Vauhkonen works as a Consultant in Sogeti's Automation, AI and Analytics competence area in Finland with expertise in test data management. He has worked as a System Manager for a client's test data management system, taken part in the development of new test data management systems, and worked in a Product Owner role. Joonas is interested in combining AI and test data management, enhancing the performance of test data management processes, and the quality of test data to fulfill the heightened requirements of test automation and various data protection regulations.

Jaakko Lehtinen works as Director of Sogeti's Automation, AI and Analytics Services in Finland. He is involved with automation initiatives at leading companies in various industries and helps organizations to utilize ever-evolving technologies to tackle real-life needs and challenges. Increasingly, it means taking advantage of various hyperautomation or artificial intelligence technologies. In the Nordics, Jaakko is known as one of the pioneers of robotic process automation (RPA). He started developing an international RPA service business already back in 2014 and has been closely witnessing the developments, trends, and phenomena in the field of knowledge work automation. Jaakko also has 10+ years of experience in outsourcing services, service operations, and process development.

Kaarlo 14.50
Generative adversarial networks and testing: how the technology made popular by deep fakes is now renewing quality assurance?

Emma Kimiläinen

Emma Kimiläinen, 32, racing driver, competing in W Series alongside Formula 1 races. W Series is the world's first and only female formula racing series.

Auditorium 15.30
Keynote: Recipe of success - what is required for winning and what creates the mental strength?

The speech takes a deeper look at Emma Kimiläinen's journey from a 3 year old girl, who had just driven the go-kart for the first time, to a professional athlete and racer who is a mother to an 8 year old daughter. What has Emma learned throughout a very colourful career in motorsport world full of stereotypes and presumptions. What is required to be able to win and how does it all relate to testing?