FiSTB Testing Assembly


Update on 5.8.2020
Unfortunately we have decided to cancel Testing Assembly 2020 due to corona status.
We believe that the decision is right at this time. We want to influence to safety of testing community now and in the future.
Next Testing Assembly will be on 20.9.-22.9.2021. See you next year and take care! 


Update on 28.7.2020
ISTQB Exams registration is now open - please note that these exams are on 50% discount! Price list can be found here.

Update on 1.7.2020
Also the third tutorial registration is now open for TMMi Professional.

Update on 24.6.2020

We have decided to organize Testing Assembly 2020 with participants limited to 200 persons due to corona situation. You can also participate to two great online tutorials we will have. The third tutorial is still under negotiation and we will communicate about it soon.

We follow the corona situation and will give more detailed instructions closer to the event, if needed. It is also possible that we will open up more seats to seminar :)

Seminar program is below and registration for 2 tutorials and seminar is open – register fast as seats are limited!

Stay safe and enjoy the summer!

Juha Pomppu and Marko Rytkönen
TA 2020 Conference Organizers

Seminar Program
1.10.2020 at Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti, Helsinki

Opening Testing Assembly 2020
Best Thesis Award


9.20 KEYNOTE, Auditorium
Test Process Improvement – Why and How?

Simon Frankish, Experimentus
10.15 BREAK, Basement
Coffee provided by partner:
  Auditorium   Kaarlo (3rd floor)  

5 tips for Solo Tester - How to improve your testing in a fast phased development
Pekka Pönkänen, Dream Broker

CASE: Tuotekehitys testaajaystävälliseksi
Veikko Lohi, Tietoevry


CASE: Oura Ring: How we utilize big data in end-to-end testing
Laura Ojala, Oura

How concepts of feminism make me a better tester
Eeva Pursula, Finbiosoft
12.00 LUNCH
Restaurant Presidentti-Sali (3rd floor)

Maiju Niinivirta, KONE

Growing a test automation framework
Jan Sabak, Amberteam

13.40 Miksi testaaja on tärkeä osa kehitettävien tuotteiden tietoturvassa?
Jani Salmikivi, OP Palvelut 

CASE: Test automation practices at Customer X and lessons learnt
Slaven Babic, Q-Factory

14.20 BREAK, Basement
Coffee provided by partner:
14.50 Testauksen siirtäminen vasemmalle - parempaa laatua ohjelmistokehitykseen alusta asti.
Tanja Jauhiainen, Qentinel
Delivering secure applications more quickly with security testing automation
Ilkka Hyvönen, Sogeti

KEYNOTE, Auditorium
Focus on the Next Corner

Annastiina Hintsa, Hintsa Performance

What can we learn from one of the most demanding sports in the world on improving your own wellbeing and performance? How do Formula 1 drivers deal with the mental and physical challenges, the constant travel, multiple stakeholders and uncertainties? Success is the accumulation of small things done consistently well. Find out about the routines and simple strategies used by top level athletes to reach sustainable high performance. None of us are perfect, but we can all be a little better, every day...



16.30 Closing Testing Assembly 2020

ISTQB® Cerfification exams, Auditorium
Please arrive to Auditorium at 16:45 for registration.
Exams start at 17:00


17.00 After party
Drinks provided by partner: